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ESocial is part of SPED. Its goal is to simplify and unify the delivery of labor, social security and tax obligations across the country.


eSocial aims to assure that employees will have their rights preserved and that employers will be in compliance with what the government demands.

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eSocial allows employers to send information related to employees directly to the government, assembling all your obligations in a single place, including social security contributions, payroll, reports of accidents at work and more.


Since 2014, eSocial puts an end to excessive bureaucracy and makes management a lot easier. Every bit of information is unified and easily transmitted to the government.


eSocial must be a part of your work routine, as it puts 15 obligations together and assists you in transmitting the required information to the government.


O eSocial é dividido em fases, e as empresas devem entregar um tipo de informação diferente em cada uma das etapas.

As empresas são separadas em quatro grupos e cada um possui datas diferentes. Para saber mais, clique no botão abaixo: