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Information Technology (IT) has transformed the way people work, communicate and have fun. Our accounting builds the foundation for your company to keep evolving with minimum risk and total control over finance and taxes.

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No one can imagine a world without computers, especially regarding business. Computers allow companies to work better, faster and for a much lesser cost.

The number of active computers has already surpassed the mark of 1 billion units. This marks a strong connection between people and the technological universe in a process that continually grows at high speed.

To make use of such an opportunity, your company must be prepared. Having finances under control is only the beginning. It is necessary to keep track of your company’s taxes and be in compliance with brazilian standards. That can be very difficult considering the economic crisis Brazil is undergoing.
Being able to identify market opportunities while taking care of the bureaucracy that comes with business management in Brazil requires an herculean effort, and having an accountant that understands your needs can make that process a lot easier.

We have a great number of IT companies as clients. Therefore, we are well aware of the particularities that surround each segment of this market, which allows us to provide due support and following all changes and opportunities related to IT, in addition to maintaining proper control of finances and taxes.

For Information Technology professionals, who intend to open their own business, outsourcing consultancy services or even maintenance and support, We will analyze your situation to properly understand the services that will actually be performed, and thus, find the tax system that suits you best.

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One of our goals is to provide the support you need, always. To do so, we make sure accounting becomes part of your daily routine, while we take care of most of its related operations. This allows you to manage your business without having to waste time on activities that you do not understand. Our advisory makes sure you comprehend your taxes and the processes required in order to stay in line with what the regulatory organs demand. You will always be in full control of your company. Our work grants you the time and the insights that are

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