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The food industry commerce are part of a very competitive market. Therefore, entrepreneurs must follow trends and invest heavily in innovation in order to have a product that stands out among the others.

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In order to face the competition, it is necessary to keep track of production processes, packaging, manufacturing and distribution procedures, search for the best raw materials and think about the growing demands for alternative, healthier and environment-friendly products. Staying up to date with all that while taking care of the bureaucracy and costs regarding your business can be really tough.

Industrial Activities are taxed according to Lucro Real, Lucro Presumido or Simples Nacional, three different tax systems with rates that vary depending on a number of factors. Finding out the tax system that suits your business best requires the expertise of an accountant, which is one of the reasons why you should get in touch with us before starting your business in Brazil.

We offer a specific accounting advisory for Food Industries and Commerce as such businesses present many particularities and require extensive knowledge in the tax area, especially regarding ICMS and IPI.

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One of our goals is to provide the support you need, always. To do so, we make sure accounting becomes part of your daily routine, while we take care of most of its related operations. This allows you to manage your business without having to waste time on activities that you do not understand. Our advisory makes sure you comprehend your taxes and the processes required in order to stay in line with what the regulatory organs demand. You will always be in full control of your company. Our work grants you the time and the insights that are needed in order to take decisions during crucial moments with minimum risk

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